Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Not enough to see

The Siberian Tit was seen by many on Sunday and was reported again early on Monday morning but had vanished by the time I and others arrived a bit later in the morning and has not been since (I gave it a good shot today) so has maybe moved off although perhaps, and hopefully, just a short distance. Yesterday we had a really good dump of snow that left everything white until mid-afternoon when rain and rising temperatures melted it. I had hoped that this cold weather system coming from the north would cause an arrival of interesting species but if they have come then I have missed them although today on the fjord 3 Long-tailed Ducks and 11 Velvet Scoters were probably newly in.
At least one tristis Chiffchaff is hanging on in the same bushes at Fornebu and a greener bird with a more normal call is also in the area. I also had a Jack Snipe today which would have given a good photo if I had my camera out as it flew up from my feet and flew slowly in a large arc around me before going down in the reedbed.

In Maridalen 2 Guillemots are still on the lake and a late Common Snipe is also still there despite the cold snap. Highlight today was at least one Arctic Redpoll in a flighty flock of redpolls which probably contained a lot more Arctics as I saw a lot of pale rumps in flight but never got to see them properly to be sure how many.

2 adult male and an adult female Long-tailed Duck (havelle) off Fornebu. It is rare that we get to see adult males here

Tuesday's snow in Maridalen

This Nutcraker (nøttekråke) in Maridalen was I think the first I have ever seen on a feeder
Siberian (tristis) Chiffchaff (gransanger) at Fornebu today. A classis looking bird that also had the right call

same bird from below

here we see that the only yellow o the bird is on the underwing coverts which is as it should be

pesumably the same bird from Monday

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