Monday, 18 June 2018

Three-toed Pecker nest

I've been back in Oslo for a few days including some guiding before I again head to Beitostølen for more Oppland guiding although with snow and storm force winds forecast in the mountains I may have a challenging time.

My few days in Oslo have given some real highlights though. I eventually found the Three-toed Woodpecker nest after hearing the calls of young. The nest is only 1 m above the ground and I have walked within 10metres of it on many occasions - it really is amazing how once birds get down to the job of nest building and egg laying that they become so much harder to find.

The eggs have hatched in the Red-breasted Flycatcher nest I am following (Norway's only breeding this year?) – a big post on these birds will come later in the year.

Some other birds are having a late breeding season with Lapwings still on eggs in Maridalen and Goshawks still on eggs (with another pair having failed) perhaps suggesting they will not hatch as it is late in the season.

the nest only 1 metre above the ground

female Three-toed Woodpecker
the male with a bug

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