Monday, 30 October 2017

Snow Beard

Temperatures were down to -2C at dawn today and with it being even colder and with lots of snow further inland we can hope for some movements of birds looking for slightly more hospitable conditions. There are signs that we will have an invasion of Pine Grosbeaks this winter and the first bird was found in Oslo on Saturday by Stig “Mr. Grosbeak” Kalvatn who seems to have a magical ability to find this species in the forests around Oslo.

I also have high hopes of finding Great Grey and Hawk Owls given the good breeding season both species have had in mid/southern Norway and the large numbers of birds that should be moving around looking for food. Before these exciting species hit us though we can hope for mountain breeding seaducks which will be forced to head for the coast and maybe another wave of geese as the last birds leave Trøndelag heading for the coasts of northern Europe.

A species I had today that is probably weather related was three Snow Buntings which showed very well on one of the few remaining open areas at Fornebu. They seemed to be finding plenty of seeds to eat and will maybe stay for a few days. I also found a minimum of 14 Bearded Tits in a new area at Fornebu (with none being located in the two normal reedbeds). It really makes you wonder how many there have been in total this autumn and how many will stay the winter.

A shoal of cod feeding in very shallow water close to land was an unusual sight.

Snow Bunting (snøspurv) - one of three at Fornebu

Bearded Tits (skjeggmeis)

8 birds visibile in this picture

and 11 here!
cod (torske)

loads of them!

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