Monday, 2 October 2017

More Egret

It is now the autumn half term holiday and birding time will be at a premium but I did manage a trip into Maridalen and had better views and more important managed better vies of the Great White Egret. It rained all night and whilst I was there which probably was the reason that the Egret had not moved on although it could well find conditions favourable. It was in the company of a Grey Heron today which made for a good comparison.

Great White Egret (egretthegre) and Grey Heron (gråhgere)

his picture was taken through a wire fence but luckily the fence didn't obstruct the picture
it looks the birds had spotted a raptor overhead but I was too focused on them to notice anything else

the egret seemed to have a much longer and more snake like neck than the heron

the Egret moved around a bit and after a bit of searching one time I found him up Daudsjøelva

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