Monday, 29 May 2017

Some videos

Today’s birding involved trying to get to grips with the breeding situation for some of Maridalen’s scarce breeders. I finally, after suspecting it for a while, confirmed that a 2cy female Goshawk is breeding. It is apparently very rare for them to breed at this age and breeding is expected to not be successful. Behaviour today suggested that she is no longer sitting on eggs but whether they have hatched or failed I am unsure but time will tell.

The Greenish Warbler was seen by other but my midday visit did not reveal it nor hardly any other singing birds. There was a good selection of butterflies thought including my first Green Hairstreak and Comma of the year as well as a few Camberwell Beauties.

I also include three videos from last weeks Hedmark jolly.

2cy female Goshawk (hønsehauk) breeding

Green Hairstreak (grønnstjertvinge)
Treecreeper nest

Camberwell Beauty (sørgekåpe)

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