Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Winter solstice

The shortest day of the year was an overcast day with drizzle in the air and it never got light. Even if I had got the bazooka out of the bag I think even pictures at ISO 6400 would have been blurry.

I did go out though with a rare winter trip to Årnestangen as the day's destination. My reasoning was that there has been a recent influx of White-fronted and Bean Geese in Southern Norway so I thought that with the mild conditions maybe there would be some at Årnestangen. There was ice in the bays but out at the tip of Årnestangen it was open water but unfortunately little in the way of birds. There were swans: around 90 Whooper and 40 Mute but 3 Goldeneye and 3 Common Gulls were the ONLY  other waterfowl.

Just 4 days until Christmas and we are forecast to have plus temperatures, cloud and rain - just like being in Blighty!

this picture look down towards Årnestangen makes it look much brighter than it was

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