Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Freezing over

What fantastic weather today! Blue skies, -9C and no wind. Just a shame that there wasn’t much on the bird front to enjoy: I had a plan on getting up close and personal with Hawkie and watch and document hunting but Hawkie had no wish to get all cosy with me and kept a good distance from me with a deep ditch in between us. I went searching for new and more cooperative individuals but found none although a total of three Great Grey Shrikes was some kind of result.

The weather has put an end to the duck fest (everything is relative) with the lake going from 10% frozen yesterday to 99% frozen today. The tiny area of open water still held a single Goldeneye and two Cormorants but they will be pushed out by the end of the day.
My pictures show how blue the sky was a little else....
Blue sky 1

Blue sky 2

Blue sky 3

a far from cooperative Hawkiw

Roe Deer. I don't think I have ever seen more than 5 individuals together

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