Tuesday, 13 December 2016


The radio this morning had repeated warnings about how icy and dangerous the roads were so I was in no hurry to get out. When I did finally leave the house it was glorious sunshine and no wind and I thought I would see if I could find the Bearded Tits at Fornebu. This was not to be the case and bird numbers and variety was extremely low with 9 Hawfinches the clear highlight.

A check of Sørkedalen revealed no Hawk Owl. There is a largish flock of Yellowhammer in a stubble field here that I have seen a few times but they are always too distant to grill although I feel sure they contain a Pine Bunting….

Arriving in Maridalen there was a thick mist hanging over the valley. This is clearly a result of the lake not being frozen and emitting warmth and whilst it made birding a bit tricky at times it did start burning off and made for some fantastic light and photo opportunities. I was taking photos with the phone as much as with the bazooka. Bird wise it was same old, same old and an adult and young Whooper Swan made for good photo subjects in the mist.
the sun starting to burn through the mist over Maridalsvannet

here the sun appeared much smaller (see the reflection)

nearly all burnt off


a 270 degree panorama with the mist covered lack on the right and sun baked fields on the left
Cormorant in the mist

Whooper Swans (sangsvane)

in black & white

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