Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Winters continues its march

Today started with snow and wind but by the afternoon was sunny and still (not that that was forecast). I just gave Maridalen a quick once over in the middle of the day but had a few nice birds. On the lake there are just two Scaup left and three Common Scoters. It is interesting how the initial flock of 18 Scaup has disappeared in dribs and drabs. I guess that it was made up of a number of groups of siblings and that these have joined up with and then moved on independently of each of other. Four adult Whooper Swans were new in but the breeding family finally looks like it has moved on.

The Great Grey Shrike also showed. Last winter it was quite easy to find as it hunted rodents over areas of stubble and rough grass. This winter all these areas have already been ploughed and planted so there is no food for it to find here and it looks like its main food source this year is small birds which it needs to actively chase and hunt meaning that it covers much larger areas and also means it moves quickly from one area to another.

At the feeding station that I am keeping stocked up there was a lot of activity from various tits and also the first Great Spotted Woodpecker I have seen here so far this winter.
Great Grey Shrike (varsler)

Great Tit (kjøttmeis), Great Spotted Woodpecker (flaggspett) and Blue Tit (blåmeis)

here with addition of Willow Tit (granmeis) and Coal Tit (svartmeis)

Nuthatches (spettmeis)

Whooper Swans (sangsvane)

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