Thursday, 10 November 2016

Some sun and some Hawkie

It was forecast to be overcast today but that was also the forecast for yesterday which ended up being sunny. Sure enough the sun shone in spells today as well and I hoped to get some better pictures of the Hawk Owl that I had seen on Tuesday. The bird was on show as soon as I arrived but today was unfortunately being true to form and favouring the highest spruce trees it could find. It did at one stage make a long gliding flight and landed in the verge of the rood but soon flew up with empty talons. It then landed on a road sign and stayed there whilst cars drew by. By the time though that I had decided to run back to the car and try to drive up to it for some real close ups it had decided to return to the highest spruce in the area. With a lot of patience and some luck though this bird could really offer some fantastic views of it hunting.

I had no other Hawk Owls on my travels but ended up with a days total of 5 Great Grey Shrikes which has to be up there as one of my best ever days for this species.
Feathers ruffled up after a bit of a preen. Hawk Owl

It was so uninterested in the car that it was even looking the other way when it drove past

the closest of the days 5 Great Grey Shrikes (varsler). This one is the Maridalen bird

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