Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Grey in the Dale

After yesterday’s fine, sunny weather it is difficult to understand how today could be so grey, damp and dark. It was easy to prioritise non-birding chores but I did pay a quick visit to Maridalen where the highlight was, believe it or not, 44 Mallard which is one of the highest counts I ever had of this species here. In total there were five duck species on the lake today. The others being 5 Goldeneye, 3 Tufted, 1 Goosander and a single remaining Scaup.
The Great Grey Shrike was still present but in the north of the valley on a telegraph wire which I have been hoping will host Hawkie before the winter is out. The presence today of the shrike does at least indicate there are rodents in the rough grass under the wires.
I did not see a single bird at the feeding stations and had to check that there was food in the feeders. I’ve noticed this before when there is a grey, damp and relatively warm day that the passerines seem to vanish – presumably finding natural food deeper in the forest.
I did take some photos just to document how grey it was. Here is a montage of the greyness.
Great Grey Shrike (varsler), Goshawk (hønsehauk) and Scaup (bergand)

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