Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Yet more Great Grey Owl pictures........yawn

And yet more Great Grey Owl pictures:

this camera man was heeding warnings that Grey Grey Owls can attack if they feel their young are threatened. It is exactly this attack instinct that the ringers use to trap the adults but one does need to be careful as someone nearly lost an eye earlier this spring

the bird on the right had not been fed when we were there the previous evening with its sibling getting 3 out of thrre mouse deliveries so we feared the worst when we found it lying on the branch. It just seemed to be taking a nap though.

with ring. Another ringed youngster was recently found trapped and with a broken leg after getting a branch stuck between its leg and the ring. This occurence hasn't exactly done anything to increase my support for the ringing of these (or many other birds) without in my eyes any worthwhile research being behind the trapping.

taking a nap

eyes closed but giving a warning call - "I know you're there"

"don't think I don't know where you are"

"I can still see you even if I don't move my head"

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