Saturday, 5 July 2014


I am back in Beitostølen although this time is for our annual family holiday rather than birding. I have been so focused on family, relaxations and perhaps a few too many late night World Cup games that I haven’t even been up to see the Great Snipe again. As always here though there are birds to seen and around the cabin we have nesting Redstarts (rødstjert), Wheatear (steinskvett) and Redpolls (gråsisik). Walks in the area have also given us Hen Harrier (myrhauk), Golden Eagle (kongeørn), Dotterel (boltit), Cuckoo (gjøk) and Golden Plover (heilo) plus an adder at over 1000m (I had no idea they came this high) and Reindeer.
male Redstart (rødstjert)

male Dotterel (boltit)

Golden Plover (heilo)

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