Friday, 21 February 2014

The Awesome Twosome

Anyone unfortunate enough to be reading this blog last winter may well remember that I developed an unhealthy obsession for Hawk Owls (haukugle) and Pine Grosbeaks (konglebit) and had a wet dream of seeing the owl catching the grosbeak. The closest I came was seeing (and filming) the two species from the same spot which it does have to be said was a quite awesome experience.

I thought that last year would be a one off opportunity with these two magical (at least for a Brit) species but today I again got to see both. First whilst on a flat part of the slalom slopes the unmistakeable shape of hawkie on the top of a pine revealed itself and then less than an hour later whilst sitting on a chair lift Mrs Oslobirder casually said "bird". As we hadn't seen a single bird in 2 hours other than hawkie I found her nonchalance to be a little too cool. I soon saw the bird in question in the top of a snow decked spruce tree and then saw that there were at least 15 and the bird was no simple bird but Piney! Of course the view from a moving chair lift without bins doesn't go into the category of awesome views but the two species are for me the Awesome Twosome.

The day finished with a pre roost gathering of 60 Ravens performing air acrobatics. A single Great Tit (kjøttmeis) was the fourth species of bird I saw today but it isn't always about quantity.

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