Wednesday, 19 February 2014


A family skiing break at Hafjell, three hours drive north of Oslo, has given me my first dose of Hawkie for 2014. Whilst racing down the slopes. I saw a familiar shape gliding over the piste and landing on the top of a spruce. It remained on the top of the same tree for an hour allowing it to be admired from both the piste and from the chair lift! That there is owl food here was confirmed by seeing a huge vole emerging from a hole under the chair lift and wadling over the snow. There are also lots of distinctive hare tracks in the snow but they are more likely to be Golden Eagle food.

I have yet to hear Tengmalm's Owl at night but did have a tree top Pygmy Owl on the drive up. My next goal is to locate Pine Grosbeaks and Siberian Jay.

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