Friday, 28 February 2014

Film footage

First thing this morning I was in a TV studio with Bjørn Olav Tveit being interviewed about jealousy in a birding context. After being cut and clipped beyond recognition the footage will appear in a humoristic programme about strange forms of jealousy. I’m not sure I actually want to see the final output.....

I just had time to check out the action in Maridalen and found there was not much happening. A group of Wood Pigeons (ringdue) flying over included a Stock Dove (skogdue) and on the water a male Teal (krikkand) was a surprise given I had none yesterday amongst all the other wildfowl. Woodpeckers our now becoming very vocal with Great Spotted, Green and Black revealing themselves today.

Drumming Great Spotted Woodpecker (flaggspett)

Mute Swan (knoppsvane) - are they going to stay and breed on Maridalsvannet for the first time?

male Teal (krikkand) and female Mallard (stokkand)

Here are a couple of videos from yesterday.

The first one shows the Bewick’s Swan (dvergsvane) alongside Whooper and Mute Swans and the second shows the fabalis and rossicus Bean Geese. The more I look at the (poor) footage and pictures of the rossicus at the end of the film I wonder whether I have misidentified a Pink-footed Goose but through the scope I had no doubts as to the ID. It just looks so small in the video....I await to see what others report this weekend.

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