Monday, 10 June 2013

No memory from Maridalen

Mr and Mrs Oslo Birder senior were subjected to a birding tour of Maridalen this morning. We had some great close experiences with a red singing male Rosefinch (rosenfink) and singing Wryneck (vendehals) which would both have resulted in great pictures but I was thwarted by having left my memory card in the computer.
We went up to Dausjøen and the Whooper Swan (sangsvane) nest was emtpy with no sign of the birds. The birds disappeared last year (presumably up the stream that feeds into the lake) before turning up later so I hope that the young have fledged succesfully and have also chosen to feed along the river this year.
A single adult Whooper Swan remains on the lake and wil hopefully next year find a mate and also breed in the area.
After quite a bit of searching I located the male Red-backed Shrike (tornskate). The area they have chosen to breed in this year is much more difficult to get a view over than last year when they were often easy to find and view well.

With no camera my only picture today is a shot with the mobile of a White Wagtail (linerle) nest that we discovered on the roadside which was very difficult to find even after we had seen the adults going in with food.
a well hidden nest of White Wagtails (linerle), at head height above a large rock

Also my last video from Oppland and Hedmark - a highlights video.

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