Thursday, 6 June 2013

Great Grey Owl

I think I'm suffering from birding overload and with a new trip to Finnmark coming in a weeks time I need to recharge my batteries. Therefore there haven't been any nocturnal wanderings from me. I therefore haven't caught up with the Blyth's Reed (busksanger), River (elvesanger) and Grasshopper Warblers (gresshoppersanger) that are all singing close to Lillestrøm (only 20 minutes drive away) nor have I heard a Nightjar (nattravn) this year. What worries me most though is what I am failing to find in Maridalen - Per Buertange sent me a message last night to tell me of nesting Long-eared Owls, which would be a Maridalen and Oslo tick for me.

In the mean time I have started editing my videos and here is the majestic Great Grey Owl (lappugle).

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