Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The right place at the wrong time

On Sunday an unidentified "large pipit" was seen at Fornebu so I thought i would take a trip there on Monday to find it and put a name to it. I wasn't able to go early enough though because a message came though on the Bird Messaging System that a Richard's Pipit was at Fornebu. I went down anyway at lunchtime but in 3 hours of searching couldn't find it. Otherwise just ever dwindling numbers of the commoner migrants. The only real excitement came when I was scanning the fjord for interesting seabirds when i picked up a large, dark bird flying powerfully over the waves. Skua was my immediate reaction but it turned out to be a juvenile Peregrine that proceeded to attack, unsucessfully, a Swallow. Peregrines normally go for larger prey than this so i think it was probably just honing its hunting skills.

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