Thursday, 6 February 2020

Tip Top Triple guiding

I am so busy with guiding at the moment that it feels like I have a regular job! Yesterday and today I was guiding Ewan and Peter who were the first to take the plumage and come over to see Pine Grosbeaks back in November see here.

The targets this time were, of course, GG and Hawkie and they were enjoyed obscenely both today and yesterday and today we rounded the whole thing off with uber urban Pineys on the way to the airport. I have too little time, too many photos and if I remember correctly a family and a dog so that will be the end of today’s post and here are just the first presentable pictures I have found. 

The next two days I have groups coming on day trips with Ryan Air – let’s hope the Bird Gods are still smiling down on me ūüėÄ 

Ewan, Peter and an owl

that owl 

snow eating Piney 

uber urban Piney

We also saw a Greenfinch
and Hawkie


  1. Thanks Simon for a truly unforgettable experience. Best wishes Ewan

  2. A memorable trip indeed and another off the top of the scale experience

  3. Thanks Ewan and Peter. As always a true pleasure to guide the pair of you - lots of laughs!