Monday, 20 January 2020

Struggling with addiction

My battles with the twin addictions of Piney and Hawkie and are no secret and I have documented the high and lows of the life of an addict on this blog for many years. When one is prone to addiction then one should be careful and pay attention to the early signs but it was only when I started suffering cold turkey last week that I realised quite how addicted I had become to the new drug on the street: GG. When I was getting near daily doses of high grade GG almost for free then it just felt like a good time rather than something more serious. However, when the supply suddenly dried up last week then I realised quite how hooked I was. I needed more and I was prepared to do almost anything for it. I woke this morning with a real itch and despite have a sick child and dog at home I needed to try just one more time. I had heard a rumour that there was a new shipment available but where was the dealer going to be? I trawled the streets (or forests as they call them in the local jargon) and finally struck gold! GG was indeed available again. The rush was fantastic but what next? Can I slowly ween myself off? Will GG be available all spring and summer? Will there be multiple dealers? Or will the supply dry up as suddenly as it started? Being a GG addict is not good for your health.

shadows being cast in mist created magical conditions in which to score some GG
can you spot her?

having a really good stretch Look how long the leg is!

 The video might be a bit long but on the plus side is filmed with a tripod and does have some cool preening sequences

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