Thursday, 2 January 2020

Family guiding

The New Year period has seen little birding but with Mr & Mrs OB Sr Sr visiting for the New Year then I have been obliged to guide them to see the goodies that are on offer. As a Christmas present I even gave them my special family rate ūüėČ
Yesterday’s eye candy was the GGO at sunset and today it was Piney, Waxwing and Lesser Spotted Woodpecker. All today’s birds were super cooperative but I discovered the battery for the bazooka was in the charger at home and had to make do with the superzoom.

We had a flock of 9 Grosbeaks of which 5 were adult males. There was also at least one bird with a very orangey red plumage and which in the field I assumed must be a 1st winter male. Looking at my pictures though shows the tail feathers to be rounded and therefore adult and I therefore don’t know whether it was an adult female in an unusual plumage or else was maybe a 2nd winter male.

another shot of yesterday's GGO

4 adult male Pine Grosbeaks (the top one is hidden)

the very orangey red plumage of this bird had me convinced it was a 1st winter male but those tail feathers are very rounded and adult like 
probably the same bird

an adult male - compare the tail feather
and again the same bird. So it is either a colourful (old) adult female, 2nd winter male or maybe a older adult male that has a strange plumage? 

I don't think there is any doubt this is a female but age cannot be ascertained from this picture as far as I know
male Lesser Spotted Woodpecker (dvergspett)

Waxwings (sidensvans)

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