Friday, 8 February 2019

Urban Hawkie

 More birding lite yesterday with a trip into Maridalen and then a walk with the Beast in the neighbourhood. There were a few birds to see and a moose right by the road was a treat. The day ended on an unexpected high with a very urban Hawk Owl. At 8pm I got a message saying a Hawk Owl was sitting in a tree in a park after having been reported earlier in the day sitting on the pavement (having presumably collided with a car or a window). I had to pick up Jr from volleyball at 8:30pm which would give me 10 minutes on the way. I did not find the owl in those 10 minutes but did meet Knut Wagan and 10 minutes later he reported he had refound it and another 10 minutes later myself and Jr were watching it ūüėä

Initially perched high up on a spruce it then moved into a tree right by the road before then moving to a tree only 4 or 5 metres high in the in the middle of the road and only metres away from apartments. It was clearly looking for food and maybe there are rats in the area. This might also explain why it was found on the pavement earlier if it had plunged down into the gutter chasing a rat and had been hit by a car. I had taken the superzoom with me and given how dark it was I think it performed remarkably well. Later on in it was seen on top of the apartments, hunting from car roofs and ripping the head off a dead feral pigeon! Unfortunately it was not present again this morning.

this picture is taken with a shutter speed of 6/10 second at 20:45 and has transformed a dark park into a sunlight park!
here I was using the flash at too long range

this is with the flash at just a few metres range. Unfortunately the flash reflects off the snow flakes in the air

daylight picture. The preceeding two pictures are taken in the tree in the middle of the road to the left of the red car

Blue Tit (blåmeis) in Maridalen

male Bullfinch (dompap)
Coal Tit (svartmeis)

female Great Spotted Woodpecker (flaggspett)

Jay (n√łtteskrike)

Moose (elg)

note that the left eye is an icy blue whilst the right eye is the normal brown colour. Note also the shape of the iris in both eyes

Red Squirrel (ekorn)

Teal (krikkand) in Frognerparken

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