Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Siberian Jay

Yesterday saw Anders and I again engaging in the noble art of Taiga Birding. With sun and little wind forecast plus seemingly everyone who enters into the area recently having to wade their way through flocks (upto 100 strong) of Pine Grosbeaks we had high hopes. We did have a great day in great conditions – the trees were thickly covered in snow and when the cloud finally lifted in the afternoon the light was very special. We had three sightings of in total 5, normally difficult to see, Siberian Jays but did we find any Grosbeaks? No, we didn’t and that wasn’t for lack of trying Two Golden Eagles at quite close range (that have from other observations clearly been feeding on a carcass (moose?) for over a month were very nice although falling snow made them surprisingly difficult to see.

Siberian Jay (lavskrike)

a different bird

fantastic conditions!

Golden Eagle (kongeørn). All pictures are of the same bird which I think is an adult but I am far from sure..

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