Thursday, 5 July 2018

Two-toed Woodpecker

Here is a new video and a few photos of the breeding Three-toed Woodpeckers I followed in Maridalen. Any interesting thing I only noted on the video is that the female was missing a toe on her right foot and that this clearly affected her. This would probably explain why the male brought food to the nest more often than her with his frequency of visits being at least 3 times higher than hers whilst I was watching.

male feeding:

female feeding:

male Thrre-toed Woodpecker at nest


note the yellow on the head of the nestling which is not sex related (unlike in the adults where only the male has a yellow crown)

the male leaving with a shit sack

I found this egg about 4 metres from the nest hole. It matches pictures of Three-toed egg and is presumably an unhatched egg that has been removed from the nest

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