Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Holiday memories installment I

It’s a bit of a job to go through all the pictures and memories from the holiday.

To start with here are some pictures and video of the Asian White-winged Scoter and Long-tailed Skuas that I mentioned in a previous post. The scoter ended up being fairly easy to find early in the mornings when the light was good but despite being one the closest birds was never in real photo range. I also saw the Pied-billed Grebe a couple of more times although it was also a lot further out than on the day I found it.

Asian White-wonged Scoter / Stejneger's Scoter (knoppsjøorre) - the distintive head shape is visible despite the grainy photo

Taking photos of the Long-tailed Skuas from a small boat was a bit of a challenge but they at least give a flavour of how it was

adult Long-tailed Skua (fjelljo)

appearing out of the mist

a 2cy (1st summer) bird was also with them
10 birds

47 birds I think

here they were taking off from the sea

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