Friday, 16 March 2018

It had to happen

One of the birds I tried (and tried hard) to show Ben on Wednesday was Pygmy Owl. After driving repeatedly around Maridalen for a couple of hours without seeing one it was time to drop Ben off at his hotel. I joked that I would be bound to find one the next day, and sure enough… yesterday I found a/the Pygmy Owl in the expected area and one which we had passed at least 5 times the previous day. But that is what birding and especially guiding is like.

Photos are a bit distant as a metre of snow prevented me from getting any closer!

I had no new spring migrants today but did see all four species that I have so far seen: Oystercatcher, Wood Pigeon, Greylag Goose and Stock Dove. I reckon the next species I will see will be Skylark but with Common Buzzard, Snow Bunting and Mistle Thrush other possibilities.

Pygmy Owl (spurveugle) in Maridalen

and a Stock Dove (skogdue) at Bygdøy.

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