Monday, 26 February 2018

Very, very cold

Today heralded the start of the cold period that is forecast to dominate northern Europe for the next couple of weeks. The thermometer at home showed – 17C at breakfast and during my travels today it dipped down to -22C which I reckon equals the lowest temperature I have experienced. It was a fantastic day though with blue skies, sun and little wind so amazingly enough it never felt cold.

I thought I would use the sun to try to get some good photos of Kingfisher. What I failed to factor in though was that the temperature had resulted in ice everywhere. I visited three sites that have recently held Kingfisher but all were iced over. This doesn’t bode well for the birds which I assume are now looking for food along open areas of the fjord but I don’t think there will be much for them to find and it is just these cold spells that are the reason that Kingfishers are only a rare and occasional breeding species in Norway.

I ended up covering a lot of kilometres today for next to no reward except for the end of my day when I again had an up close and personal meeting with a Pygmy Owl in Maridalen. This bird was most likely the same female (based on calls) that I had nearby three weeks ago.

'T'was cold today 
Pygmy Owl (spurveugle) showed well again in Maridalen today

when you can't find a Kingfisher in the sun then you have to make do with a female Mallard..

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