Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Checking in

Infrequent blog posts are a sign of few birds, lots of snow and little activity by yours truly. Yesterday we had over 30cm of snow and I had a hope that this would lead to an increase of birds at feeding stations but if anything there were fewer birds to see.

Today I had another visit to the Drøbak area which offers the most exciting birding close to Oslo at this time of the year. I had hoped to enjoy some quality time with the Kingfisher but it was not of the same mind. Three distant Purple Sandpipers and a couple of flyover Twite ended up being the only birds of any note.

Back in Oslo I paid a visit to the dump but only turned up Herring Gulls (over 300) and a few Great Black-backs which has been the case with every visit I have had recently. I am sure that more frequent and prolonged visits would turn up a white winger or a Caspian but I don’t have that dedication.

 Maridalen had a flock of 7 Parrot Crossbills and when I got home 5 Common Crossbills flew low over the house so just need a Two-barred now.

Three Parrots Crosbills (furukorsnebb)

These Blue and Great Tits responded to playback of Pygmy Owl song

at least 30 Blue and 10 Great Tits materialised and their response was a clear sign that there is still a Pygmy Owl in the area although it failed to respond

a snowy Maridalen

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