Thursday, 9 February 2017

Terwit two woo owls

I was in the car again today and out looking for a reliable Hawk Owl for Saturday's guiding. To cut a long story short I found one immediately at an expected site where I have seen a bird regularly all winter but had not found it 10 days ago so feared it had moved on. Yesterday's penance clearly was favoured from upon high.

I also had Pygmy Owl today (with a posse of over 50 tits giving it grief) and it won't be long before one of springs great adventures starts - night time owling trips. This year has to be better than the last two and I can't wait to hear hooting Tengmalm's Owls.

I had four Great Grey Shrikes today which is the same number as I had when I drove the same route 10 days ago but interestingly apart from a bird in Maridalen the other three were at different sites (although one could conceivably have been the same bird) showing that there are a lot of shrikes out there this winter.

Pygmy Owl (spurveugle) & Hawk Owl (haukugle)

The Hawk Owl receiving attention from a Magpie (skjære)

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