Monday, 6 February 2017

More from Iceland

Snow finally fell over the weekend and although not much it has completely transformed the city and finally given us a true wintery feeling. Today there was high cloud cover and occasional glimpses of the sun so it was nice to be out and far improved photo taking conditions.

Gulls were again my target. I was unable to find a Glaucous (it was seen again on Friday) but the Iceland Gull was showing well at Østensjøvannet. It clearly has got the taste for bread and would join in the scrum but drank a lot more than the Herring Gulls so I reckon that its body is far less suited for digesting bread than its urban southern cousins.

Apolgies for so many photos but I'm feeling a bit indecisive at the moment..

2nd winter / 3cy Icland Gull (grønlandsmåke) Østensjøvannet

this shot could have been from a seawatch 
Iceland Gull in the forest!

this photo doesn't really show it but the pink legs of the Iceland really stood out against the Herring Gulls 

he (based on large size I would say he) often got some flack from the young Herring Gulls

lots of eye make-up

adult Herring Gull (gråmåke)
this adult Common Gull (fiskemåke) turned up for a bath (the only small gull I saw) and was heavily marked on the head. I haven't looked into the possibility of this being a heinei but will attempt to do so

20 Goldfinches (stillits) were feeding on alder cones 
this Great Spotted Woodpecker (flagspett) was in Maridalen. Although not visible at this angle this bird is a male
Hawfinch (kjernebiter)

the female Pintail (stjertand)

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