Wednesday, 24 August 2016

You give me fever

An 8 year-old with a fever has kept me away from birding (and planned decorating) the past two days but when the fever disappeared this morning we were able to make a short trip to Fornebu in the afternoon where JrJr got to chase Pokemons and daddy chased a couple of birds.

A seemingly one-legged Red-backed Shrike showed well and a few waders included a long staying juvenile Knot. Also two Slav Grebes which have been around a week or so. There is some disagreement as to the age of these birds, one is definitely a youngster but the other has been reported as both adult and also youngster. I’m not sure….

I was out at Årnestangen yesterday evening and had fewer waders than on Saturday although 9 Turnstone was a good count. Today though there seems to have been an arrival of waders in the Oslo area as a lucky Rune Clausen had both Little Stint and Knot on Gressholmen which are both species missing from my Oslo list plus double figures of Dunlin (a species that graced my Oslo list for the first time last year).
Red-backed Shrike (tornskate)
2 Spotted Flycatchers (gråfluesnapper)
the two Slav Grebes (horndykker). The stripy head of the bird on the right shows it to moulting out of juvenile plumage, he bird on the left though is trickier

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