Sunday, 14 August 2016

Some summer memories

With a continued lack of new birding to report on (bird and weather gods have not been kind to me recently) I will keep some activity on the blog with some more pictures from the cabin in Bodø in July plus some from the long road trip back to Oslo.
Redshank (rødstilk) bred close to the cabin. Here an adult and young

Ringed Plovers (sandlo) were also breeding

This picture of Bøvasstindene was taken at 23:41 when there was a thin layer of pink sunlight across the mountains

had this Snipe (enkeltbekkasin) from the car early one morning

This Bar-tailed Godwit (lappspove) was in the bay below the cabin and I managed to row out to it with my camera

wide angle shot

raptors were scarce this summer with only White-tailed Eagles being numerous. This Peregrine (vandrefalk) was the only falcon I saw!
Arctic Terns (rødnebbterne) breed inland in the mountain of Norway and this bird was right by a road
where it had two young begging for food

Golden Plover (heilo) on Saltfjellet
there were quite a few of this flower at Saltfjellet. It is not an orchid but a Moor-king Lousewort (kongsspir)
Long-tailed Skuas (fjelljo) showed again on Saltfjellet but were not breeding
although this scrape suggested that they had thought about it

I've concluded that this butterfly on Saltfjellet is a mountain fritillary (fjellperlemorvinge)

Waxwings (sidensvans) have been bred in many areas south of their normal range this year. A drive through the forest south of Børgefjell in Nord-Trøndelag produced many

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