Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Godbye to the Cabin and the long drive home

The drive home from Bodø to Oslo is long but there are plenty of birding opportunities along the way

the fox seemed to sense that we were leaving and came to say goodbye to us as we packed up to leave the cabin

a railway runs across Saltfjellet and this Bluethroat used the rails as a vantage point to watch my progress and scold me if I came too close

this Redpoll was attracted by the scolding Bluethroat and also followed me from the train tracks


Long-tailed Skuas are one of those mountain species that do not seem to view humans a threat and allow very close approach



this male Red-necked Phalarope clearly had young nearby but I never saw them

Redshanks breed up on Saltfjellet but I had to look twice at this individual and when it flew....

it revealed it was a Spotted Redshank and a very early juvenile

the type that breeds up there: Common Redshank

A stop at Dovre on te way back gave me my first ever Muskox but they were no more than dark blobs that moved very slowly along the mountainsde

female Redstart

my attempt for Siberian Tit in Southern Norway produced, yet again, just Willow Tits

and another video

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