Friday, 4 October 2013


A week long holiday has, despite a hotel within walking distance of S'Albufera, meant little birding but that has been just fine  :-)
A couple of short visits to the hides at S'Albufera did of course result in a few birds though.
adult Red-knobbed Coot - a couple of small things help separate this from its common cousin

juvenile Red-knobbed Coot - not so easy to separate from its common cousin

Purple Swamphen - note the incredibly long legs and how it uses them to hold the sedge grass that it bites off with its large bill

Little Egret

Garganey - the only one of its kind I could find amongst hundreds of Teal and Shoveler

whilst photographing this Golden Plover which I think is unusual here I completely missed the other bird lying down next to it (Stone Curlew)

this should definitely not have been here - a Harris Hawk which is a bird of North America and therefore an escapee

a Marbled Duck - along with the coots and swamphens these have been reintroduced to the marshlands of S'Albufera

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