Sunday, 27 October 2013

In the dock

Today was very gloomy and I just had the opportunity for a quick check of the Oslo harbour hoping for something interesting. The best I could turn up was this 1st winter Long-tailed Duck (havelle) at Vippetangen (first reported yesterday).

Long-tailed Duck (havelle)
At Vippetangen there are some grain silos which attract good numbers of duck in the winter but today the Long-tail only had company of Mallards (unusual bedfellows!). Elsewhere in the harbour the Goldeneye (kvinand) flock has built up to 160 (but will be around 1000 mid winter) and there were two Velvet Scoter (sjøorre). 

The oncoming stormy weather delivered a Sooty Shearwater (grålire) to a lucky Per Buertange at Krokstrand and hopefully there will be a few more tit-bits over the next couple of days if southerly strong winds blow up the Oslofjord (it currently looks like they might stop a bit too far south though).

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