Friday, 1 September 2017

Taiga Beans back

I am off to Lista this weekend for the annual birdfair which amazingly enough will be my first visit to what is arguably Norway's best birding locality and home to a proper Bird Observatory (one of only 2 in Norway).
This morning I had just enough time to go looking for the Scottish Taiga Bean Geese which according to the GPS data had arrived yesterday back in Akershus. I found the tagged birds today due to the wonders of modern technology on a small forest bog. They were very difficult to observe and before I had managed to check them all for collars and family groups (did manage to count ca 30 birds) there came gunshot from close by! The birds didn't fly up straightway but some more shots and they were up and flying towards the shots. I discovered that the shots came from a shooting range and the shots continued after the birds had departed (suggesting that the birds were not the target) but the frequency of shots increased increased when the birds were up in the air and I worry that some pop shots were taken. I tried to find the shooter but failed.

I found groups of 6 and 10 birds later in flight which were probably from the same group and got some photos which I can upload later. In the meantime here is a video from the small forest bog.

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