Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Young birds

There really is too much happening at the moment. Today I was guiding a Canadian family who made me very jealous with the list of destinations they have previously visited plus the fact they are tomorrow off to Svalbard (high up on my to do list). We had a very enjoyable trip around Maridalen and saw lots of nesting and young birds.

Hawfinches, Song Thurshes and Redwings have young out of the nest, Great Tits, Blue Tits and Coal Tits, White Wagtails and Great Spotted Woodpeckers have young in the nest, Siskin young are already fending for themselves whilst we saw Greenfinches mating. We found a Coal Tit nest in a natural hole among the roots of a tree down at ground level which seems to be a very risky place.
Tomorrow I am off guiding in Hedmark so hope that the special species are cooperative.

Here is a video of yesterdays juvenile Hawfinches – today we only found a single youngster perched head height in a bush (and very difficult to find despite being noisy) which we saw being fed by an adult.

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