Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Just 1 Hawkie and no funny dunnock

Another funny Dunnock was found in Norway today, the 6th of the autumn and all have been pulled from nets. At this rate we’ll soon be the laughing stock of birding Europe unless we show that we have at least one person in our midst who can actually use some good old birding skills and find one in the field.

That person wasn’t me today but I still have hopes.

I tried to get a new day record for Hawkie (by visiting a forest area NE of Oslo where a few were reported on Friday) but had to be content with just a single bird. However, the area I checked out looks to be a good and easily accessible area for Tengmalm’s Owls so will be worth a visit in the late winter.

At Nordre Øyeren the Brent Goose was still present and a few Long-tailed Duck, a single Scaup and a single Velvet Scoter were also to be seen. This year seems to have been very good for the mountain breeding seaducks such as scoters, Scaup and Lt Duck and many have been turning all over Norway but Øyeren has seemed to avoid the influx until now. I have also been hoping for some to turn up on Maridalsvannet which normally has a few Common Scoters in late autumn but there has been nothing there so far.
Hawk Owl

There are still 6 Shoveler (skjeand) on Merkja and I got quite close using some reeds as cover but the pictures weren't too good

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