Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Bodø cabin

We are lucky enough to have a cabin by a fjord close to Bodø in the north of Norway. Built by my wife's grandfather and extended by her father it is an idyllic place that I love more and more after every visit. This year we had planned to spend two weeks there but (really) bad weather caused us to postpone twice and in the end we have had to make do with a long weekend, but a glorious one at that.
The sun shone fiercely, I suddenly discovered there were fish to catch, porpoises swam by, the water was just warm enough to swim in and there were even a few birds!

Of course every time I did see something good I didn't have my camera with me and I especially regretted a boat trip with friends where we came close to a White-tailed Eagles (havørn) nest on a cliff which still had a youngster in situ, had a close otter, Arctic Terns (rødnebbterne), Black Guillemots (teist) and a close and prolonged chase by an Arctic Skua (tyvjo) of a Common Tern (makrellterne). The latter happened in the marina as we were coming back and the tern used the mast of a yacht to give her cover from the attacking skua.

At or close to the cabin we had Spotted Redshank (sotsnipe), Arctic Skuas (tyvjo), breeding genuine wild Greylag Geese (grågås), Cranes (trane), Lesser Black-backed Gulls (sildemåke) that are probably fuscus and a flock of 40 Ruff (brushane). This is the second time I have had a flock of Ruff here and indicates this to be a regular site in the autumn. 40 would appear to be the second highest count of this species in Norway this year for a species that is in alarming decline.

Here are the best pictures I took with the eagles being taken with the iphone through my binoculars.

White-tailed Eagle nest

mother and young porpoise (nise) just offshore

to show how close they were

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The result of a fishing  20m offshore - cod are still numerous in northern Norway

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