Thursday, 5 April 2012


Oslo Birder has temporarily relocated to England and despite this being a strictly non birding visit I have already seen some new birds for the year.

Song Thrushes are in the garden, a Blackcap in a nearby tree, Dunnocks are singing, Buzzards seem to be everywhere (as I’ve commented before, when I was growing up a Buzzard at home would have made my month yet now they are ubiquitous) and best of all a Red Kite. I know that they are now seen in this part of Sussex (Haywards Heath) but this was my first one, circling over my old 6th Form College seemingly looking for food. The increase in Red Kite numbers in England following releases of young birds over the last couple of decades must be one of the most impressive acts of nature conservation.

The local mad Blue Tit has been amusing us with his antics and I managed to take this picture. What is it that causes Blue Tits to be so easily fooled by their own reflections?
Blue Tit coming in for the kill

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