Friday, 28 October 2011

I decided in advance that I would stand at Haldenbrygge at Fornebu today and score some decent seabirds. Well I stuck at it - nearly 4 hours standing in the same place staring at the sea. And did I score? Well if looking at waves is scoring then yes, I score big time.
Despite the winds being of moderate strength from the south there was not a single bird that seemed to be new in. Best of the seabirds were a group of 3 Little Auks that landed close in but otherwise it was same old same old. Birding highlights were the Wheatear still present, 8 Twite and 2 Snow Buntings which are a rare sight in this neck of the woods.

Snow Bunting

Today did turn out to be quite a social birding event though with both PGY and PSL also present. Meeitng other birders around Oslo is not something that happens often especially on a week day.

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