Friday, 4 February 2011

Grey-headed Woodpecker and Moose (Elk)

Grey-headed Woodpecker

Another trip to Maridalen in significantly warmer temperatures (only zero celcius today) resulted in the female Grey-headed Woodpecker finally giving herself up but it still took a 2 hour wait. She was by far the most wary bird at the feeding station and was only only present for a couple of minutes. She also looked to be in poor condition with the feathers in the vent region being very stained. Never-the-less a great bird and only my second ever sighting.

I will permit myself to also show a video of her feeding. Other birds were the usual suspects: various tits, Jay, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Nuthatch, Treecreeper and Bullfinch.

At home in the kitchen I noticed a rather large movement right outside the windown; an Elk (or Moose if you speak american). It ran around the side of the house and I ran to get the camera, ran to the lounge window, turned the camera on, selected video, pressed play and this was the result....

When these majestic animals come so far into the city then they normally end up being shot as they cannot find their way back to the forest and end up being considered a danger to themselves and to others (us humans). I hope that this isn't the fate for this animal but I fear it's fate is sealed as there seems little hesitation to press the trigger in in these parts. The reason it has ventured so far away from its natural habitat is probably because the changing temperatues of the last week have resulted in a layer of ice making it difficult to dig down for grass (or other vegetation) and thus making it seek food in warmer and more fertile areas.

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