Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Slowly but surely

Don't call me Shirley...

We are having a good fall of snow in Oslo at the moment but it has not bought any new or exciting birds with it unfortunately. A drive round Maridalen produced a few birds at the 2 feeding stations which keen soles keep filled with sunflower seeds and fat balls. Amongst many Great and Blue Tits were a few Coal and Willow Tits, at least 12 Bullfinches, Tree Sparrows, Magpies, a couple of Jays, 2 Nuthatches and best of all a Treecreeper which was acting very out of character by feeding on the ground in the snow presumeably trying to find dropped food from the feeders.

Away from these feeding stations the only birds I noticed were a small flock of Yellowhammers by Skjerven farm and a Dipper on the river at Hammeren.

In the garden Redpoll, Siskin and Sparrowhawk flew over but at the feeders it is just the usual suspects.

Treecreeper in the snow


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