Friday, 26 November 2010

It ain't over until the......

A norwegian tick yesterday was very welcome and proof that birding can always be interesting no matter the weather or time of the year.
A Grey Phalarope had been present for the last 3 days at Linnesstranda just 30 minutes from Oslo and I had the opportunity to pop down. When I first got there I was worried that the bird had left as there was a lot more ice than I expected however I soon found it at about 300m range amongst some Mallards. The bird was very active and was flying around a lot. At one stage it came a lot closer but by the time I had attached the camera to the 'scope then it had gone again this time flying a large loop of the area including over trees inland. I assume that the ice and cold was getting enough for the bird and reminding it that it should be a long way south in nutrient rich waters. It returned briefly to the water but then soon was flying away over the fjord until lost out of sight. 15 minutes after arriving it was gone - good timing by me for once.
Very little else to see although a calling Marsh Tit was only my 3rd record this year.

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